Anodes And Accessories

As partner of the electroplating industry additionally to specialty chemicals Vopelius Chemie proposes anodes and accessories for electroplating.

We can offer the following products:


  • Copper plates
  • Copper Squares
  • Nickel plates
  • Nickel squares
  • Nickel chips
  • Nickel rounds
  • Nickel pellets
  • Titanium anodes, platinized
  • Titanium metal anodes, expanded and coated with iridium mixed oxide layer
  • Tin plates
  • Tin pellets
  • Zinc plates
  • Zinc billets
  • Zinc pellets


  • Anode bags
  • Anode baskets
  • Anode hooks
  • Anode holders

For further information regarding qualities, kind and conditioning please contact our commercial department by phone or by email: