Chromic Acid – chromium oxide

Surface treatment with chrome

Vopelius Chemie is a leading importer for chromium products, chromic acid and chromium oxide / chromium trioxide.


Chromic acid or chromium trioxide and chromates are diversely used, i.e. in the electroplating industry for chrome plating, for the production of catalysts and for the leather tannery. Chromium trioxide is used as passivation against corrosion.
Chromic acid is important for anodic coating to aluminium.

Chromium product range:

We are available for your requests and can offer the following products:

  •  Chrome (III)-chloride solution
  • Chrome(III)-nitrate solution
  • Chrome(III)-sulfate solution
  • Chromic acid / Chromium trioxide
  • Chromic acid solution  VOPCROM
  • Chromium oxide
  • Chromium sulfate, alkaline
  • Potassium chrome alum
  • Mixtures according to customers‘ recipes

With VOPCROM-solution (chromic acid solution or chromium trioxide solution) Vopelius Chemie has made accessible a new dimension of chromic acid.  The use of VOPCROM-solution offers many advantages compared to the traditional chromium trioxide in scales or granulate:

  • Homogeneous and consistent product quality of the chromic acid
  • Quality control with certificate of analysis for each lot
  • Easy Handling (simple addition calculation) of the chromic acid
  • Automatic dosage during continuous production
  • No unit stop and therefore no production downtime
  • Safety: absolutely dust free addition and therefore no needless exposure of mankind and nature
  • Best mixing qualities of the solution
  • No recycling costs for packing material
  • Cost free withdrawal of emptied containers

For further information regarding qualities, kind and conditioning  of our chromium products please contact our commercial department by phone or by email:

Upon request we will send you specifications and safety data sheets.